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Welcome to the next episode of Open Minds, a weekly #LinkedInLive lunchtime discussion series, focusing on mindset, leadership, business, and social change. In today’s chat, I’m joined by Chris Furlong, Technology Manager at Accenture and avid long distance runner.

He has a YouTube channel dedicated not just to running, but also to reflect on mindset, intent, and leadership. Maintaining a ‘positive mindset’ has become a key discipline to maintain for many people, especially during #Covid19. However this is not without its downsides.

In the pilot episode of Open Minds, I spoke with Nathalie Gevinti on the topic of ‘Toxic Positivity’, the concept that an incessant focus on positivity can have negative effects on mental health. Today, I want to explore the ‘texture’ of this further. Join Chris and I as we discuss in particular the concepts of gratitude vs optimism, starting with this question: “Does gratitude encourage us to look backwards, rather than forwards?”

Please grab a cuppa, and join the conversation!