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Curiosity Mindset

We live in an era where we’re exposed to more complexity than ever before.

Misinformation, social media, and the changing landscape of AI and technology add to a sea of uncertainty.

“The only certainty in life is uncertainty.“

Those who can navigate uncertainty will be best positioned to thrive in this new era.

Curiosity is an innate superpower that we all possess.

From Brené Brown to Richard Branson, thought leaders across the world speak of the need for more curiosity.

But… what exactly does that mean?

My research across science, psychology and philosophy has shown me that curiosity goes far beyond ‘asking more questions’; it influences how we learn, collaborate, innovate, and make progress.

This workshop is a culmination of my work to help you cultivate your curiosity, to navigate uncertainty, and to collaborate with those around us to make progress.

Topics Covered


Understanding the process of curiosity and what triggers it


How to leverage curiosity to manage uncertainty and create clarity


How it applies in the context of teams, organisations, and communities


I loved Scott’s Curiosity Workshop. The depth is what struck me. I experienced how a deep dive into curiosity opened doors of self-enquiry that I had not encountered in the same way before.

Ian H.

Co-founder, Venture Crowd

I got to understand my mindset a little bit better and I guess why I think the way I do or why I come to the certain decisions that I do in life and I realise that my “AHA” moments are probably more complex than what I initially thought they were

Sila Gatti

Founder, Not Coffee

Scott’s facilitation skills and unique approach to expanding curiosity is second to none. I found myself feeling wonderfully uncomfortable with discovering more curiosity, which is a good thing.

Constantine G.

Founder, Ineffable

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