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Welcome to the inaugural ‘Ko Lab’ newsletter! I’m quite excited to finally launch a proper personal newsletter, though I’d be lying if I wasn’t slightly apprehensive at starting ‘yet another thing’. However, I’m at a particular convergence point in my zigzagging career where I feel it’s important to start this now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about not being ‘defined by titles’. For a while, I was ‘Scott the Senior Consultant’. Then I became ‘Scott Founder of ColourSpace’. Then earlier this year I joined Leadership Victoria as ‘Scott the Leadership Programs Manager’, and very soon I’ll also be ‘Scott the Acting CEO of LV’.

I think titles are important. Like trying on different clothes when we’re younger, titles can help us define who we are. Some titles just don’t sit right, whilst others – especially those that come with important responsibilities – can help us grow. However, I’m equally mindful not to be constrained by titles too. Several mentors have encouraged me to remain authentic to who I am, and thus this newsletter is a deliberate outlet for me to put aside titles and to just be ‘Scott’.

Consequently, this freedom allows me to take a step back and be able to join the various dots across all my experiences to unearth, form, and shape new perspectives. I’m now at a point where I feel both considered and capable enough to start documenting and sharing these, in the hope that it can help others.

As such, what you can expect from the Ko Lab is a curated collection of thoughts, ideas, resources, and the occasional article on everything from business, leadership, entrepreneurship, social impact, philosophy, sociology, and mindset. This introduction aside, I will aim to be succinct in my delivery, and it is my hope that you find this newsletter to be interesting, engaging, and valuable.


But before I go any further

Why are you getting this? Some of you are on this mailing list because you’ve opted in via my website (welcome!), some are friends (hi!), and some are from the Purpose-driven White Paper project from 2020 (also hi!).

I’m personally an aggressive unsubscriber of newsletters if they’re not relevant or interesting to me, so I won’t take it personally if you want to opt-out of mine if this isn’t for you (link in footer).

So about those hats I’m wearing…

Ok, so if you don’t know much about me or haven’t heard from me for a while, here’s a quick summary of what I’m currently focusing on:

1) I am the Director of ColourSpace, an arts social enterprise I founded in 2016 that transforms office and communal spaces (indoor and out) into galleries that support local emerging artists. Despite being a ‘facilities services’ business at a time when many offices are closed, we maintain strong connections with our clients, and my team is still fielding requests to bring art into shared spaces in readiness for the end of lockdown.

2) Earlier this year, I joined Leadership Victoria on a part-time basis as their Leadership Programs Manager. In a couple of weeks, I will be stepping into the Acting CEO role. This will be my first formal C-Suite position, and not a responsibility I take lightly, especially given it’s at the helm of a highly regarded and reputable institution.

3) In partnership with the inimitable Ian Mason, I recently launched Curiosity Journals to the world. Invented during the 2020 lockdown, this isn’t just some ‘side hustle’; it represents the culmination of several personal philosophies on how to harness curiosity, one of the most vital yet under-examined (I feel) traits we possess. This journal employs methodologies designed to cultivate curiosity, helping people think more clearly, act with confidence, and make meaningful progress.

These might seem like disparate areas at first glance however they represent 3 concentric spheres that reinforce what is ultimately a deeper purpose to empower people through different perspectives. More on this in future Ko Labs.

Recent speaking / public events

My good friend Chris Furlong – host of the Further Your Lifestyle podcast – had me on as a guest in a special 2-part series where I go deep on my journey, and what it means to leap into the unknown. If my hats and my journey piques your curiosity and you’d like to hear more, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

I was recently invited by Hoban Recruitment to speak on the future of hybrid work, in which I take a step back to explore what exactly ‘hybrid work’ means. In particular, I pose the question: Hybrid work typically means bringing work to home, but what does it mean to bring ‘home’ to ‘work’?” You can watch the webinar here, and my 15-minute talk starts at 5:20.


Can we build resilience without adversity?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of ‘dualities’ and exploring the notion that many of the outcomes we strive for often involve an equally reactive, and sometimes opposing force. For example, can we achieve diversity without embracing the ‘conflict’ that comes as a result of diverse thinking? Can we be truly empathetic if we don’t extend empathy to those we disagree with? Can we find purpose or our ‘true north’ without getting drastically lost in the process?

To kick off the ‘duality’ series, I’d like to share my most recent article: Can we build resilience without adversity? Whilst the notion of resilience is now incredibly widespread, do we need to seek out ‘resistance’ or ‘adversity’ in order to truly build resilience? Or conversely, if we seek to remove all adversity or discomfort, does that only build ‘theoretical’ resilience?

I’d love to get your thoughts.

In closing

If you enjoyed this Ko Lab, I’d really appreciate it if you shared it with a friend or two you think would get a kick out of this. You can send them here to sign up. Time permitting, I’ll try and make it the most engaging and thought-provoking newsletter you get!

And if you come across anything you’d like to ‘Ko Lab’ on, send it my way! I’m equally keen to learn about and share new perspectives and thoughts.

Have a great week!

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